Franciscan Saints For September

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

1. St Beatrice Da Silva. Virgin. Second Order Foundress.

2. Blessed John Francis Burte, Apollinaris Morel, Severin Girault and John Baptist Triquerie. Martyrs, First and Thirds Orders.

3. Blessed John of Perugia and Peter of Sassoferrato. Martyrs, First Order.

4. St Rose of Viterbo. Virgin, Third Orde.

5. Blessed Thomas of Tolentino and Companions. Martyrs, First Order.

6. Blessed Liberatus of Lauro. Confessor, First Order.

7. Blessed Gentle of Matelica. Martyr, First Order.

8. The Servant of God Anaclete Gonzalez Flores. Martyr, Third Order.

9. Blessed Seraphina Sforza. Widow, Second Order.

10. Blessed Appollinaris Franco and companions. Martyrs, First and Third Order.

11. Blessed Bonaventure of Barcelona. Confessor. First Order.

12. Blessed Peregrin of Falerone. Confessor, First Order.

13. Blessed Sanctes of Montefabro. Confessor, First Order.

14. The Servant of God Peter De Corpa and companions. Martyrs. First Order.

15. Blessed Michelina of Pesaro. Widow. Third Order.

16. Blessed Thomas of Foligno. Confessor. Third order.

17. Feast of the Stigmata of our Holy Father St. Francis.

18. St Joseph of Cupertino. Confessor. First order.

19. The Servant of God Mary Theresa Dudzik. Virgin. Third Order.

20. St. Francis Mary of Camporosso. Confessor. First Order.

21. Blessed Leopold of Castelnovo. Confessor. First Order.

22. Blessed Lucy of Caltagirone. Virgin. Third Order.

23. St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. Confessor. First Order.

24. St. Pacific of San Severino. Confessor. First Order.

25. Blessed Charles of Blois. Confessor. Third Order.

26. St. Elezar and Blessed Delphine. Husband and Wife. Third Order.

27. The Servant of God Mary Emmanuela. Widow. Second Order.

28. Blessed John of Dukla. Confessor. First Order.

29. Blessed Bernardin of Feltre. Confessor. First Order.

30. Blessed Francis of Calderola. Confessor. First Order.


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