Franciscan Saints For October

Monday, July 04, 2016

1. Blessed Francis Cichi of Pesaro. Confessor. Third Order.

2. Blessed Nicholas of Forca Palena. Confessor. Third Order.

3. Servant of God Mary Magdalen Bentivoglio. Virgin. Second Order.

4. Our Holy Father. St Francis of Assisi. Confessor and Founder of Three Orders.

5. Blessed Mark of Bologna. Confessor. First Order.

6. St Mary Frances of the Five Wounds. Virgin. Third Order.

7. Venerable George of Augsburg. Confessor. First Order.

8. Servant of God Marianne Cope. Virgin. Third order.

9. Servant of God Pius XII. Pope. Third Order.

10. St Daniel and companions. Martyrs. First Order.

11. Servant of God Victricius Weiss. Confessor. First Order.

12. St. Seraphin of Montegranaro. Confessor, First Order.

13. Blessed Robert Malatesta. Confessor. Third Order.

14. Blessed John Lobedau. Confessor. First Order.

15. Servant of God Anna Apollonia Stadler. Virgin. Third Order.

16. Servant of God James of the Rosary. Confessor. First Order.

17. Servant of God Baptista of Piacenza. Virgin. Third Order.

18. Blessed Balthassar of Chiavari. Confessor. First Order.

19. Blessed James of Strepar. Bishop and Confessor. First Order.

20. Blessed Contardo Ferrini. Confessor. Third Order.

21. Blessed Josephine Leropux. Martyr. Second Order.

22. St. Peter of Alcantara. Confessor. First Order.

23. St. John Capistran. Confessor. First Order.

24. Blessed Louis Guanella. Confessor. Founder. Third Order.

25. Blessed Christopher of Romagnola. Confessor. First Order.

26. Blessed Bonaventure of Potenza. Confessor. First Order.

27. Servant of God Alexander of Hales. Confessor. First Order.

28. Blessed Thomas of Florence. Confessor. First Order.

29. Servant of God Catharine of Bosnia. Widow. Third Order.

30. Blessed Angelo of Acri. Confessor. First Order.

31.Servant of God Pamphilus of Magliano. Confessor. First Order.


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