Franciscan Saints For November

Sunday, July 03, 2016

1. Servant of God Mary of the Passion Virgin. Third Order.

2. Servant of God Mary Catharine Seger. Virgin. Second Order.

3. Servant of God Solanus Casey. Confessor. First Order.

4. St. Charles Borromeo. Bishop and Cardinal. Third Order.

5. Blessed Jane Mary of Maille. Widow. Third Order.

6. Blessed Margaret of Lorraine. Widow. Second Order.

7. St. Didacus of Alcala. Confessor. First Order.

8. Blessed John Duns Scotus. Confessor. First Order.

9. Blessed Margaret Colunna. Virgin. Second Order.

10. Blessed Matthia Nazzarei. Virgin. Second Order.

11. Servant of God Bonavita. Confessor. Third Order.

12. Blessed Raynier of Arezzio. Confessor. First Order.

13. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. Virgin. Third order.

14. Sts Nicholas Tavelich & Companions. Martyrs. First Order.

15. Blessed John of Peace. Confessor. Third Order.

16. Blessed Jane of Signa. Virgin. Third Order.

17. St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Widow. Third Order.

18. Blessed Salome. Virgin. Second Order.

19. St. Agnes of Assisi. Virgin. Second Order.

20. Blessed Elizabeth The Good. Virgin. Third Order.

21. Servant of God Ruffinus of Assisi. Confessor. First Order.

22. Servant of God Magin Catala. Confessor. First Order.

23. Blessed John Baptist Bullaker. Martyr. First Order.

24. Venerable Mary of the Five Wounds. Virgin. Second Order.

25. Servant of God Paul Pius Perazzo. Confessor. Third Order.

26. St. Leonard of Port Maurice. Confessor. First Order.

27. Blessed John Anthony Fasani. Confessor. First Order.

28. St. James of the March. Confessor. First Order.

29. Blessed Humilis of Bisignano. Confessor. First Order.

30. Servant of God John of Montecorvino. Confessor. First Order.


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