Franciscan Saints For May

Saturday, July 09, 2016

1. Servant of God Simon Van Ackeren. Confessor. Third Order

2. Servant of God Marie Celine. Virgin. Second Order

3. Venerable Jane of the Cross. Virgin. Third Order.

4. Servants of God Paula and Gabriella Mezzavacchi. Virgins. Second Order.

5. Blessed Amatus Ronconi. Confessor. Third Order.

6. Blessed Gerard of Lunel. Confessor. Third Order.

7. Blessed Crispin of Viterbo. Confessor. First Order.

8. Blessed Waldo. Confessor. Third Order.

9. St Catherine of Bologna. Virgin. Second Order.

10. St. Yves of Brittany. Confessor. Third Order.

11. St. Ignatius of Laconi. Confessor. First Order.

12. Blessed James of Bitecto. Confessor. First Order.

13. Blessed Julian of Valle. Confessor. First Order.

14. Blessed Benedict of Urbino. Confessor. First Order.

15. St Michael Garicoits. Confessor. Third Order.

16. St. Margaret of Cortona. Penitent. Third Order.

17. St. Pascal Bsylon. Confessor., First Order.

18. St. Felix of Cantalice. Confessor. First Order.

19. St. Theophilus of Corte. Confessor. First Order.

20. St. Bernardin of Siena. Confessor. First Order.

21. Blessed Ladislas of Gielniow. Confessor. First Order.

22. Blessed John Forest. Martyr. First Order.

23. Blessed Bartholomew Pucci. Confessor. First Order.

24. Blessed John of Prado. Martyr. First Order.

25. Blessed John of Cetina and Peter of Duesas. Martyr. First Order.

26. Blessed Gerard of Villamagna. Confessor. Third Order.

27. Blessed Benvenuto of Recanati. Confessor. First Order.

28. St. Mariana of Jesus de Paredes. Virgin. Third Order.

29. Blessed Stephen and Raymond of Narbonne. Martyrs. First Order.

30. Blessed Baptista Varano. Virgin. Second Order.

31. St. Joan of Arc. Virgin. Third Order.


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