Franciscan Saints For June

Friday, July 08, 2016

1. St. Ferdinand III. King of Leon and Castile Confessor, Third Order

2. Blessed Herculan of Piagale. Confessor, First Order.

3. The Servant of God John XXIII

4. St Vincenta Gerosa and St. Mary Bartholomea Capitanio. Virgins, Third Order

5. Blessed Felix of Nicosia. Confessor, First Order.

6. Blessed John Pelingotto. Confessor, Third order.

7. Servant of God, Father Joseph Perez, Martyr of Mexico

8. Blessed Isabella of France. Virgin, Second Order

9. Blessed Andrew of Spello. Confessor, First Order

10. Blessed Joachima De Mas De Vedruna. Widow, Third Order.

11. Blessed Pacifico of Cerano. Confessor, First Order.

12. Blessed Yolande (Jolenta) of Poland. Widow, Second Order.

13. St Anthony of Padua. Confessor, First Order.

14. Blessed Lawrence of Villamagna. Confessor, First Order

15. Servant of God, Orlando (Roland) of Chiusi. Confessor, Third Order.

16. Blessed Humiliana Cerchi. Widow, Third Order

17. Blessed Paula Gambara-Costa. Widow, Third Order.

18. Blessed Peter Gambacorti of Pisa. Confessor, Third Order.

19. Venerable Matthew Talbot. Confessor, Third Order.

20. Servant of God, John Zumarraga. Confessor, First Order.

21. Servant of God, Leonore Gusman. Virgin, Second Order.

22. St Thomas More. Martyr, Third Order

23. St Joseph Cafasso. Confersor, Third Order.

24. Servant of God, Illuminatus of Rieti. Confessor, First Order.

25. Servant of God, Paul (Paulutius) Trinci. Confessor, Frist Order.

26. Blessed Jutta of Thuringia. Widow, Third Order.

27. Blesseed Guy of Cortona. Confessor, First Order.

28. Servant of God, Francis de Porras. Martyr, First Order.

29. Blessed Benvenute of Gubbio. Confessor, First Order.

30. Blessed Raymond Lull. Martyr, Third Order.


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