Franciscan Saints For July

Thursday, July 07, 2016

1. Servant of God Philomene Jane Genovese Virgin. Third Order.

2. Servant of God Bernard of Quintavalle. Confessor. First Order.

3. Servant of God Andrew of Burgio. Confessor. First Order.

4. St Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal. Widow. Third Order.

5. Servant of God John Martinez. Confessor. First Order.

6. Servant of God Sancia. Widow. Second Order.

7. Blessed Emmanuel Ruiz and Companions. Martyrs. First Order.

8. Blessed Gregory Grassi and Companions. Martyrs. First and Third Orders.

9. St. Nicholas of Gorcum and Companions. Martyrs. First Order.

10. St. Veronica Giuliani. Virgin. Second Order.

11. Blessed Vitalia of Bastia. Confessor. Third Order.

12. St. John Jones and St. John Wall. Martyrs. First Order.

13. Blessed Angelina of Marsciano. Widow. Third Order.

14. St. Francis Solano. Confessor. First Order.

15. St. Bonaventure. Doctor of the Church. Bishop. First Order.

16. St. Mary Magdalen Postel. Virgin. Third Order.

17. Servant of God. Frances Garces and Companions. Martyrs. First Order.

18. Servant of God. Cecilia Joanelli-Castelli. Housewife. Third Order.

19. Blesed Peter Cresci. Confessor. Third Order.

20. Blessed Oddino Barrotti. Confessor. Third Order.

21. St. Lawrence of Brindisi. Confessor and Doctor of the Church. First Order.

22. Blessed Kinga (Cunegunda). Virgin. Second Order.

23. Blessed Bridget of Sweden. Widow. Third Order.

24. Blessed Louise of Savoy. Widow. Second Order.

25. Blessed Petronilla of Troys. Virgin. Second Order.

26. Blessed Felicia Meda. Virgin. Second Order.

27. Blessed Mary Magdalen Martinengo. Virgin. Second Order.

28. Blessed Archangel of Calatafimi. Confessor. First Order.

29. Blessed Peter of Mogliano. Confessor. First Order.

30. Blessed Somoin of Lypnica. Confessor. First Order.

31. Servant of God John of Piano Di Carpine. Confessor. First Order.


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