Franciscan Saints For January

Monday, July 11, 2016

1. Venerable Mary Lawrence Longo. Widow. Second Order.

2. Servant of God John Parenti. Confessor. First Order.

3. Blessed Matthew of Girgenti. Bishop and Confessor. First Order.

4. Blessed Christina of Tuscany. Virgin. Third Order.

5. Servant of God Ortolana Di Offreduccio. Widow. Second order.

6. Servant of God. Catharine, Queen of England. Widow. Third Order.

7. Saint Angela of Foligno. Widow. Third Order.

8. Servant of God Adolph of Strasbourg. Martyr. First Order.

9. Servant of God Vico Necchi. Confessor. Third Order.

10. Blessed Gregory X. Pope. Third Order.

11. Servant of God Valentine Paquay. Confessor. First Order.

12. Blessed Berard of Corleone. Confessor. First Order.

13. Blessed Roger of Todi. Confessor. First Order.

14. Blessed Odoric Atiussi of Pordenone. Confessor. First Order.

15. Blessed Giles of Lorenzana. Confessor. First Order.

16. St. Bernad and companions. First Franciscan Martyrs.

17. Servant of God Robert, King of Naples. Confessor. Third Order.

18. St. Charles of Sezze. Confessor. First Order.

19. Blessed Thomas of Cori. Confessor. First Order.

20. Servant of God Jane of St. Erasmus. Widow. Second Order.

21. Servant of God John de Padilla. Martyr. First Order.

22. St. Vincent Pallotti. Confessor. Third Order.

23. Servant of God Zachary of Alemquer. Confessor. First Order.

24. St. Francis de Sales. Cordbearer of St. Fraqncis.

25. Venerable Thomas of Olera. Confessor. First Order.

26. Blessed James of Pieve. Martyr. Third Order

27. St. Angela Merici. Virgin. Third Order.

28. Servant of God Brother Juniper.; Confessor. First Order.

29. Servant of God John the gardiner. Confessor. First Order.

30. St. Hyacintha Mariscotti. Virgin. Third Order

31. St John Bosco. Confessor. Third Order.



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