Franciscan Saints For February

Monday, July 11, 2016

1. Servants of God Juniper Vega and Humilis Matinez. Martyrs. First Order.

2. Servant of God Mary Fedelis Weiss. Virgin. Third Order. 

3. Blessed Elizabeth Amodei. Virgin. Third Order.

4. St John of Leonissa. Confessor. First Order.

5. Servant of God Mary Teresa Boinzel. Virgin. Third Order.

6. St Peter Baptist and Companions. Martyrs of Japan. First and Third Orders.

7. St. Coleta. Virgin. Second Order.

8. Blessed Giles Mary of St Joseph. Confessor. First Order.

9. Blessed Anthony of Stroncone. Confessor. First Order.

10. Blessed Clare of Rimini. Widow. Third Order.

11. Servant of God Stephen Eckert. Confessor. First Order.

12. Blessed Eustochium. Virgin. Second Order.

13. Blessed John of Triora. Martyr. First Order

14. St Jane of Valois. Widow. Third Order.

15. Blessed Veridiana. Virgin. Third Order.

16. Blessed Philipa Mareri. Virgin. Second Order.

17. Blessed Luke Belludi. Confessor. First Order.

18. Blessed Andrew Segni. Confessor. First Order.

19. St. Conrad of Piacenza. Confessor. Third Order.

20. St. Peter of Treja. Confessor. First Order.

21. Servant of God Jordan Mai. Confessor. First Order.

22. Servant of God Matthew Rossi. Confessor. Third Order.

23. Servants of God Frederick Bachstein and Companions. Martyrs. First Order.

24. Blessed Mark Marconi. Confessor. Third Order.

25. Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio. Confessor. First Order.

26. Servant of God Louis of Arazilo. Confessor. First Order.

27. Blessed Louise Albertoni. Widow. Third Order.

28. Blessed Antonia of Florence. Widow. Second Order.


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