Franciscan Saints For December

Saturday, July 02, 2016

1. Blessed Anthony Bonfadini. Confessor. First Order.

2. Blessed Bentivolio Buoni. Confessor. First Order.

3. Blessed Gerard Cagnoli. Confessor. First Order.

4. The Servant of God Lucy Sancia. Widow. Second Order.;

5. Blessed Helen Enselmini. Virgin. Second Order.

6. The Servant of God Everard Witte. Confessor. First Order.

7. St. Mary Joseph Rossello. Virgin. Third Order.

8. The Servant of God Beatrice Raineri. Virgin. Second Order.

9. Blessed Gabriel Ferretti. Confessor. First Order.

10. Blessed Hugolinus Magalotti. Confessor. Third Order.

11. Blessed Peter of Sienna. Confessor. Third Order.

12. Venerable Innocent of Chiusa. Confessor. First Order.

13. The Servant of God Jane of Luxembourg. Virgin. Third Order.

14. Blessed Nicholas Factor. Confessor. First Order.

15. Blessed Mary Frances Schervier. Virgin. Third Order.

16. Venerable Mary Crucifixa. Virgin. Third Order.

17. Blessed Bartolo of San Gimignano. Confessor. Third Order.

18. Blessed Conrad of Offida. Confessor. First Order.

19. The Servant of God Berthold of Ratisbon. Confessor. First Order.

20. The Servant of God Elizabeth of Austria. Widow. Third Order.

21. Blessed Bernard of Baden. Confessor. Third Order.

22. Blessed Bernardin of Fossa. Confessor. First Order.

23. The Servant of God Bernardin of Busti. Confessor. First Order.

24. The Servant of God Constance, Queen of Aragon. Widow. Second Order.

25. Blessed Jacopone Da Todi. Confessor. First Order.

26. Blessed Jeremy Lamberthenghi. Confessor. Third Order.

27. Blessed Theodoric Coelde. Confessor. First Order.
28. The Servant of God Margaret Stadler. Virgin. Second Order.

29. The Servant of God Didacus of Sinagra. Confessor. Third Order.

30. The servant of God Jacoba of Settesoli. Widow. Third Order.

31. The Servant of god Melchora Tasayco. Virgin. Third Order.


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