Franciscan Saints For April

Sunday, July 10, 2016

1. Servant of God Caesar of Speyer. Confessor. First Order.

2. Blessed Leopold of Gaiche. Confessor. First Order

3. Blessed Gandolph of Binasco. Confessor. First Order.

4. St Benedict, The Moor. Confessor. First Order.

5. Blessed John of Penna. Confessor. First Order.

6. Blessed Cresentia Hoess. Virgin. Third Order

7. Blessed Mary Assunta Pallotta. Virgin. Third Order.

8. Blessed Julian of St. Augustine. Confessor. First Order.

9. Blessed William Cufitella of Scicli. Confesor. Third Order.

10. Blessed James Oldo/. Confessor. Third Order.

11. The Servants of God Nicholas of Montecorvino and Companions. Martyrs, First and Third Orders.

12. Blessed William Ward. Martyr. Third Order.

13. Blessed Innocent of Berzo. Confessor. First Order.

14. Blessed Pica. Mother of our Holy Father St Francis, Tertiary.

15. The Servant of God Nicholas Wiggers. Confessor. First Order.

16. St. Mary Bernadette Soubirous. Virgin. Cordbearer of St. Francis.

17. St. Benedict Joseph-Labre. Confessor. Cordbearer of St. Francis.

18. Blessed Andrew of Hibernon. Confesor. First Order.

19. Blessed Conrad of Ascoli. Confessor. First Order.

20. Blessed Angelo off Chiavasso. Confessor. First Order.

21. St. Conrad of Parzham. Confessor. First Order.

22. Blessed Francis of Fabriano. Confessor. First Order.

23. Blessed Giles of Assisi. Confessor. First Order.

24. St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen. Martyr. First Order.

25. Venerable Francis Ximinez. Bishop. First Order.

26. Servant of God Anna of the Holy Cross. Widowed. Second Order.

27. St. Zita of Lucca. Virgin. Third Order.

28. Blessed Luchesio (Lucius) of Poggibonsi.. Confessor. First Tertiary.

29. Venerable Paul Heath. Martyr. First Order.

30. St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo. Confessor. Third Order.


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