Franciscan Resources for Children

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Franciscan Resources for Children

Introduce your children and grandchildren to Saint Francis of Assisi

Stories about Saint Francis for Children

... Saint Francis is patron of animals and ecology ...

In many places the Blessing of Animals takes place on or near the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi and “World Pet Day” is on the 4th of October each year. It is no accident that the Catholic Church chose Saint Francis as Patron of animals as we have more stories about his relationship with animals, birds and fish than any other saint, although it must be said that many of the saints had the gift of relating to God’s creatures. It would seem that Saint Clare also has an animal story to tell us:

Saint Clare and the Convent Cat.

“At one time Lady Clare was not able to get out of bed because she was very sick. But she used to make things for the Altar in the church, so she wanted a certain piece of cloth brought to her but there was no one around to get it for her. Then the little cat that lived in the convent began to pull and drag that piece of cloth to bring it to her as best it could. Lady Clare seeing the cat trying to do this said to the cat: “You naughty thing, you do not know how to bring it properly. Why are you dragging it on the ground?” Then the cat, as if it had heard what she said, began to roll that cloth up and picking it up in its mouth so that it did not touch the ground it took it to the Lady Clare. When asked how she knew this story Sister Francesca replied that Lady Clare told her this story herself.

If you wish to have more wonderful stories about Saint Francis and his special love of animals, to read to your children please download the following stories which are available in pdf format.

St Francis of Assisi - The Wolf of Gubbio & other Wonderful Stories for Children (COMPLETE BOOK) St Francis of Assisi - The Wolf of Gubbio & other Wonderful Stories for Children (COMPLETE BOOK) (1523 KB)

Story - Fish Story - Fish (748 KB)

Story - The Hare Story - The Hare (603 KB)

Story - The Little Red Breasted Birds Story - The Little Red Breasted Birds (559 KB)

Story - The Swallows Story - The Swallows (795 KB)

Story - The Two Little Lambs Story - The Two Little Lambs (500 KB)

Story - The Wolf of Gubbio Story - The Wolf of Gubbio (548 KB)

Story - Water Story - Water (748 KB)

A Francis Colouring Pages/Competition

... from their earliest years children have a wondrous ability to draw things ...

From time to time these pictures have been used over the past 30 years to surprising effect with primary school children. Saint Francis might end up in a purple habit with white spots or pink flowers on it, but the wondrous ability colour things in and to draw things that children have never ceases to amaze us. Stories about Saint Francis easily captivate the mind of children, because his life was so rich in imagery.

Welcome to our colouring pictures for children. You can download the whole document including a guide for teachers and parents/caregivers here.

Monthly Spiritual Messages

Provided by the OFS Australian Conference of National Spiritual Assistants

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Are You Being Called

to follow Jesus, walking in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi?

If you sometimes feel the need, or an inner urging, to do a little more than just attend Mass and be a good parishioner, please...

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“Let us pray to God together for each other for, by sharing each other’s burden of charity in this way; we shall easily fulfil the law of love taught by Christ." ― St Clare, from her letter to Ermemtrude of Bruges.

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