Essentially Secular Franciscans live and do their work as anyone else does, but with a consciousness of trying to live the Gospel values in their lives. In particular, as well as their daily lives are most usually quite involved in the parishes they belong to. They are Readers at Mass and Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers often taking Communion to the sick. They also look after the Altar as assistant sacristans looking after Altar Linen, Vestments Chalices and Flowers and cleaning the Church. Saint Francis insisted in his letters that Franciscans take very good care of everything that has to do with the Blessed Sacrament. They also assist on Parish Councils, help the St Vincent de Paul and other charities and where possible promote St Francis and his spirituality. Although we do not have a particular Charity in Australia the National Secular Franciscan Fraternity does support what they call Project Adoption in the State of Kerala in India where poor families receive support.